Additional Benefits of a Solar Power System

If all of the main benefits of owning a photovoltaic solar system, such as financial, environmental, increase in property value, and energy independence are not enough, here are a few more benefits that at this point are just icing on the cake.

Solar Panels Shade Your Roof

As seen in the picture below, the solar panels act like a giant canopy shading your roof. Why is this a benefit? Think of all the energy you will save from keeping your air conditioner from working as hard to keep your house cool during the summer! This effect is most noticable on houses that don't have a well insulated roof or attic space. This further reduces your energy consumption. A solar array can cover a significant portion of your roof, maximizing this effect.

Reduce Demand on the Power Grid During Peak Timessolar panels shade your roof

During the summer when the majority of the population have their air conditioners running full speed, this is also the time when the sun is the highest in the sky and your solar power system is producing the most power. This reduces the burden on the grid, and helps to prevent grid overloads and rolling blackouts.

Inspire Others to Do the Same

Having a solar power system installed at your residence or business will have the effect of inspiring others to act to help do their part in preserving the integrity of our beautiful planet. You will notice a remarkable amount of people asking you about your system once they see those panels on your roof. Even with all the talk about "green" power today, you will be suprised at the number of people who are still completely unaware of solar power and both its financially and environmental benefits. Solar panels on your roof will spark conversation, and lead to educating others about this important technology.