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Live Solar Energy System - Jackson Residence - Norwalk, CA
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Solar Benefits

Benefits of Solar Power
Great Investment
Property Value Increase
Energy Independence
Additional Benefits of Solar

Solar System Types

Grid Tied Solar Systems
Off Grid Solar Systems
Grid Tied Solar System with Battery Backup
Grid Tied Solar System with Generator Backup
Comparison of Different Solar System Types


Solar Power Frequency Asked Questions
State and Federal Solar Rebates and Tax Credits
How to Read A Pre-Solar Southern California Edison Bill
How to Read a Post-Solar Southern California Edison Net-Metering Agreement Bill
How to Read an Electric Meter
Solar Power for Condos

Photovoltaic System Components

Solar Modules
Solar Inverters
Charge Controllers
Deep-Cycle Batteries
Solar Hardware
Solar System Monitoring Equipment

Solar Technologies


Energy Efficiency

Making your home more energy efficient

Electricity Tutorials

Electricity 101 Tutorial

Interesting Facts

Global Warming
Island Submerged from Rising Sea Levels
Our Sun

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Solar Power Industry News

Solar Power Industry News
California Approves Controversial Solar Project
U.S. Can Expect More Frequent Blackouts
Southern California Edison Installs Smart Meters
U.S. Approves First Off-Shore Wind Farm
LADWP to Increase Rates by 9-28% Over the Next 4 Years