Solar Power Benefits for the Environment

Some people are unaware that most of the "clean" electricity that they use in their homes is generated at a dirty fossil fuel power plant. There are two main negative effects from burning fossil fuels, namely, climate change and health effects. One of the biggest advantages of using clean solar power is to help stave off the widely debated issue of global warming and climate change.

Historical Account of Fossil-Fuel Emissions

solar photovoltaicsIf you take note of the chart to the right, which was compiled from various sources which archive historical data, you will notice that the Global C02 Emissions from Fossil-Fuel burning has increased at a exponential rate.

Health Effects of Pollution

Pollution causes both short term and long term health effects. The elderly, young, and those with existing heart, lung, and asthma problems are most at risk. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), two million people die prematurely each year as a result of air pollution. The WHO attributes the main cause of air pollution to be the burning of fossil fuels.

Climate Change

There is now significant scientific evidence indicating that the burning of fossil fuels is causing world wide climate change. If left unchecked, climate change could have catastrophic results, threatening the very existence of the human race by causing droughts, significantly raising sea levels, destroying crops, which all lead to mass extinctions among the various species that live on our planet. Since this is a complicated topic, read our page on global warming, which gives a detailed description and goes through some of the science behind it.


Utilizing clean renewable sources of energy will help to stave off these devastating effects. Help do your part and consider have a solar power system installed at your home or business.