Energy Independence

Having a solar power system installed at your residence or business, is not only a good investment, but brings the country one step closer to energy independence. Without energy, you can't drive your car, you can't keep your food cold, you can't use your microwave or watch television, you won't be able to heat and cool your home, and you can't defend your nation.

Are We Not Currently Energy Independent?

No! According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the U.S.A. used approximately 26 million barrels of oil per day in 2009. According to their projections, this number will increase to around 27.6 million barrels of oil per day by the year 2030. Aside from the fact that this will have an astonishing impact on the environment, why is this number significant in terms of energy independence? In 2009, on average, America only produced 5.3 million barrels of oil per day, as shown in the figure below. This means the U.S.A. only produced 20% of the oil it consumed each day. In other words, the United States relies on foriegn countries for 80% of its oil related energy needs!

USA Daily Oil Production

The Economical Benefit of Energy Indepenence

Importing 80% of the oil used in the United States has the effect of enriching the foreign oil producers by creating a one way transfer of wealth. Instead, this money could be spent in the U.S.A. on creating green sources of energy, such as solar, wind, and geo-thermal power. This money not only helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but would also boost America's economy by creating jobs, instead of sending those jobs overseas. Just imagine for a moment if that 80% of 27 million bareles of oil per day worth an average of $75/barrel was instead spent in the United States. This would be equal to an additional $1,560,000,000 a day spent in the U.S.A.! Think about it! If we invest in clean renewable energy, this will have a double impact of saving our planet, and boosting our economy.