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Southern California Residential/Commercial Solar Power Installation

If you have now realized the enormous benefits of owning your own photovoltaic system, and are ready to make one of the greatest investments for both your pocket book and the environment, then read on! With all the current rebates and tax credits being offered, there will never be a more affordable time to purchase a solar power system in California!

Solar is the Way to Go

A grid-tied solar system can reduce your electricity bill up to 100%, in addition to helping to reduce your carbon footprint. With all of the solar rebates and tax incentives offered today by the federal government, state governments, and local utilities, this is truly a great way to invest your money. Solar has never been more affordable.


We highly recommend the company Solar Source. Solar Source's solar energy consultants are well versed in the most current state of the art solar technology, including the use of micro inverters, and will take the extra steps to make sure you have the latest and greatest the industry can offer, at the best possible pricing. No job is too abstract for Southern California residents and business owners, including hybrid solar power systems.

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Residential Systems, Including CONDOS!

Residential systems are the bread and butter of the growing use of clean renewable energy. The most common type is a grid-tied solar system.

Condos present a unique situation when it comes to investing in solar. Since the roof of a condo is typically community property, it makes it tricky for any one tenant to invest in a solar power system, until now that is. Some compaines offers a unique solution for condo owners that allows each tenant to own a small portion of the solar system and a simple way of independently monitoring each tenant's portion, without adding any additional cost! For more details, read about the solution for solar power systems for condo owners.

Commercial Systems

A grid-tied photovoltaic system can be just as lucrative of an investment for a business as it is for a homeowner. Southern California businesses are in the business of making money, and this is just another way to do it.